About West Houston P-16

Our Mission

The mission of the West Houston P-16 Council is to promote success across the educational continuum - PK through college and workforce development - for children and young adults in West Houston through the broadest collaboration of institutions and organizations and serve as a model for the state.

What is a P-16 Council?

A P-16 Council is a broad-based community group of individuals who understand that all children must be well prepared for success after high school. It is a group that commits time to gathering and using data to understand the transition points along the educational continuum; a group that exerts its influence for positive change in the school and non-school systems that serve the learning needs of students; a group that believes our economic future depends on preparing all students to .

The West Houston Council

The West Houston P-16+ Council has 35 key stakeholders who have met since 2008 to meet the broad goals above. The West Houston geographic boundaries include Alief ISD, Houston ISD-West Region, Katy ISD and Spring Branch ISD. The council also has 15 West Houston leadership advisors from the schools, business, community, government and service agencies who provide guidance and support to the council.

Our Practical Vision

  • Students will have access to services and be ready to be successful at all levels of learning - PK through college.
  • There will be advocacy and community support for success.
  • There will be multiple pathways for success.

Open to All. The West Houston Council is open to parents, teachers, administrators, non-profits and businesses who wish to work on Closing the Gaps in the number of Texas students attending and completing college or workforce certification training.