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Phone: 909.607.4235
Email: brian_keeley@westhoustonp16.com
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Educational Background

MA, PhD, University of California, San Diego
MSc, University of Sussex (UK)
一道本不卡免费高清 BA, University of South Alabama

Research Interests

Philosophy of neuroscience; philosophy of mind; philosophy of science

Recent Courses

Philosophy of Science: Historical Survey (PHIL103)

一道本不卡免费高清Monkey Business: Controversies in Human Evolution (PHIL130)

一道本不卡免费高清Topics in Neurophilosophy  (PHIL185N JT)

Selected Publications

一道本不卡免费高清“Sense & Synesthesia,” paper presented at the Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Memphis, TN, March 2013.

“Keeley on Bickle & Bernstein on Keeley on Conspiracy Theories,” commentary presented at the Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Memphis, TN, March 2013.

“Making Sense of the Senses, redux,” paper presented at the Centre for the Study of the Senses, London, UK, May 2012, and at the Instituto de Filosofia de Linguagem, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2012.

“What Kinds of Kind are the Senses?” paper presented at the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Savannah, GA, March 2012.

“Natural Kinds and Social Kinds,” paper presented at the 7th Quadrennial Fellows Conference 2012, Center for Philosophy of Science, Mugla, Turkey, June 2012.

“The Agnostic Scientist: The Supernatural and the Open-ended Nature of Science,” in W. Krieger, ed., Science at the Frontiers: Perspectives on the History and Philosophy of Science. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2011.

The Inner Touch: Archaeology of a Sensation一道本不卡免费高清 by Daniel Heller-Roazen, in The Senses and Society, vol. 7, no. 1 (March 2011).

“Career Advice: Getting a Job in Philosophy,” Inside Higher Education一道本不卡免费高清 (June 20, 2011).

“What is the sixth sense-Electroreception?” in David Howes, ed., Sixth Sense Abcderium. Oxford, United Kingdom: Berg Publishers, 2010.

“Sensory Modality (Philosophy),” in E. Bruce Goldstein, ed., Encyclopedia of Perception一道本不卡免费高清. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2010.

“The Early History of the Quale and Its Relation to the Senses,” in J. Symons and P. Calvo, (eds.) Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Psychology. London: Routledge, 2009.

“Theodore Holmes Bullock (1915-2005),” in Noretta Koertge, (ed.) The New Dictionary of Scientific Biography. 一道本不卡免费高清New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2008.

Paul Churchland. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006. (Edited volume in the series, Contemporary Philosophy in Focus, with contributions from Dan Dennett, José Luis Bermúdez, Clifford Hooker, Jesse Prinz, Pete Mandik, William Krieger, Aarre Laakso, and Garrison Cottrell.)

Recent Conferences and Invited Talks

“Auto-experimentation: Essential, foolhardy or both?” presented at the Tool Development in Neuroscience: A Science-In-Practice Workshop, Pensacola, FL September 27-28, 2019.

Professor Keeley was interviewed by CJAD, a radio station in Montreal, and discussed whether we are in a new age of conspiracy theories on March 1, 2018.

“Sensory Mechanisms,” paper presented at the Mechanisms and Levels of Explanation in Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, December 17, 2010.

“Microfunctionalism revisited (or perhaps resurrected),” paper presented at the Levels of Explanation & Causation Workshop一道本不卡免费高清, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia, October 16, 2010.

“The Agnostic Scientist,” paper presented at the Semiannual Sydney-Australian National University (SANU) Philosophy of Science Retreat一道本不卡免费高清, Bundanoon, Australia, September 16, 2010.

“Positing the Sixth Sense: Ground rules and Candidates,” lecture presented at the History and Philosophy of Science Department Colloquium Series, University of Sydney, Australia, August 30, 2010.

“The theory-ladenness of introspection: Appealing, but potentially incoherent,” invited paper presented at the Mind, Technology and Society一道本不卡免费高清 colloquium series. University of California, Merced, CA, April 22, 2010.

Selected Award, Grants and Honors

Sabbatical visitor, Neuroethology Lab, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal, April-June, 2012.

Visiting Fellow, Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science, University of Sydney, Australia, August-November 2010.

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae