Community Partners

一道本不卡免费高清We support community-based organizations that work to educate, organize and advocate for the fair treatment of laborers and immigrants through policy reform (and development), collaborative research, and community-driven activism.

一道本不卡免费高清We support community-based organizations in the field of education. We work with local schools, nonprofits and NGOs to affect positive and collaborative change in college access, equity, mentoring and leadership development.

We support community based-organizations in the fields of art and culture aimed at preservation and celebration. By honoring the histories and activism of communities that have been traditionally marginalized and underrepresented. Students are provided with numerous opportunities for community engagement by way of class based mural projects with non-profit organizations, art curriculum for youth, etc.

To confront mass incarceration as a defining social problem of the contemporary era, Pitzer College works with regional carceral institutions, local community partners, faculty, staff and students on a variety of projects related to education, public policy advocacy and re-entry services through the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program and beyond.

一道本不卡免费高清Pitzer students work with community-based organizations in the fields of health and environment to deepen understanding of health and environmental disparities in under-served populations. Opportunities for involvement include community gardens, health campaign, legislative actions, and researching/providing accessibility to wellness resources.

The CEC values student input. By completing these surveys you are providing us with:
Valuable feedback that will inform our practice of social justice and will help us improve the services we provide to our partners.
Statistical data that will assist in securing funds to continue our existing programs, help launch new programs, and provide support to our partners.
Evaluatory materials that will assist with WASC accreditation and other institutional processes that are vital to the operation of Pitzer College and CEC’s continued existence.
Please complete each survey only once per semester. Should you have any questions regarding this process or anything at all, please contact our Director, Tricia Morgan