Meet a Pitzer Student: Olivia Campion ’20

Student-athlete Olivia Campion ’20, recipient of the Jeffery Robert Frum ’12 Endowed Scholarship, talks about how Pitzer College creates a sense of community both on and off the softball field.


Pitzer has empowered me by allowing me to pursue my goals in academics and athletics. That was a huge focal point of what I wanted to accomplish in college and the resources provided through Pomona-Pitzer athletics, as well as Pitzer, have really sustained my development within that time. Hi. My name is Olivia Campion and I am an organizational studies and psychology major at Pitzer College.

The main reason why I came Pitzer was because I saw that theresources available really facilitated growth within students through thepeople that I encountered on campus. Everyone that I spoke to regarding Pitzer,they were really able to identify ways that Pitzer empowered them and allowedthem to become the best version of themselves. I think the main challenge as astudent-athlete, especially at the DIII level, is time management. Timemanagement is a factor for every college student, but just learning how tomanage your academic and athletic schedule in the beginning can seem like a lotto take on, but there are plenty of resources provided by Pitzer.  Pitzer has facilitated so much of my ownpersonal growth through my scholarship, through my athletic experience andthrough the support that I have received academically.

I am a recipient of the Jeffrey Frum scholarship. Thescholarship has really enlightened my experience here. The Frums always come tomy softball games and it just feels so great seeming them in the stands andhaving that connection with them. There is a mural of Jeff that’s located justoutside of my dorm and I’m able to see it on a daily basis. Seeing that muralevery day is super empowering because it lets me know that I have support hereat Pitzer. Jeff has his arms spread wide in the mural, and it just reallyembodies all of the support that is found at this institution. I know that I’mnot just here for myself, I’m here for the people who support me. Having thatconnection with the Frum family; that goes beyond Pitzer. It’s a very personalconnection and it just means so much to me.

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