State and Regional Councils

Our Mission

The mission of the West Houston P-16 Council is to promote success across the educational continuum - PK through college and workforce development - for children and young adults in West Houston through the broadest collaboration of institutions and organizations and serve as a model for the state.

All Kids Alliance

ALL KIDS ALLIANCE is “the hub” for a network of Regional Councils building civic infrastructure to support children and youth in an eight-county area of greater Houston. The ALLIANCE is led by an influential Executive Committee representing multiple sectors of shareholders in our community: business, education, non-profit, faith community, and parents.

The ALLIANCE is staffed by professionals with a history of involvement with community-based reform, including specialists in data use and continuous improvement.

All Kids Alliance

Our Practical Vision

  • Students will have access to services and be ready to be successful at all levels of learning - PK through college.
  • There will be advocacy and community support for success.
  • There will be multiple pathways for success.