History of West Houston P-16 Council

P-16 is a term used to describe the continuum of education experiences from pre-school (P) through the first years after high school – either baccalaureate years (through year 16) or starting a career. Community stakeholders who are interested in this continuum work to improve the curricula and instructional practices across this age range in order to ensure that all children are academically and psychologically ready for what comes next (pre-school to elementary, elementary to middle school, middle to high, high school to college or work). Stakeholders believe that all children should be prepared to exercise any option they choose after high school.

What is P-16 Education?

P-16 describes an integrated system of education stretching from preschool (the"P") through a four year college degree ("grade16"). It is designed to improve student achievement by getting children off to a good start, raising academic standards, conducting appropriate assessments, proving teacher quality and generally smoothing student transitions from one level of learning to the next. It also focuses on helping all children meet the proficiency levels needed to succeed at the next education level and in the workforce.

The P-16 philosophy supports students during their early education and K-12 public school experience and builds a bridge from high school completion to postsecondary success.