Internships in Media Studies

Media Studies majors are encouraged to expand their understanding of the discipline through an internship taken for academic credit. Students can register for MS 196-PZ: Media Internship, where they work in a media related industry or institution. That work is integrated with significant and clear connection to the academic curriculum. MS 196 can be taken twice for credit.  Paid internships are not eligible for credit. Internships can be found independently by the student or in consultation with IMS and the departments of career services.

Finding an internship: Students can find their media internship through the Media Studies internships listed on Sakai, on their own, in consultation with a faculty member, with the help of their campus career services office, or through the resources available at the IMS academic office. Listed below are some sources to help you get an idea of the great possibilities that are available for you.

Internship Resources一道本不卡免费高清: Students can find a list of internship resources and databases of internships that are available to Media Studies students.

To Register for MS 196: Students should complete the and submit a PERM for the course on the Portal.

Internship advisors一道本不卡免费高清: Students registered for MS 196 must find an Internship Advisor (IA), who may be any faculty member or the IMS Academic Director.

Internship Housing Options: 一道本不卡免费高清The Pomona College Career Development Office has compiled an extensive list of housing resources and opportunities in major cities throughout the US to help you find