West Houston P-16 Council is committed to the mission of "Promoting success across the educational continuum – PK through college and workforce development – for children and young adults in West Houston through a broad collaboration of institutions and organizations and to serve as a model for the state."

Strategic Directions

The West Houston P-16 Council is a group of community stakeholders working in support of educational success, with the goal that students are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for the next phase in their education. Council work focuses on the education transition points, such as Pre-K to Kindergarten, Middle to High School and High School to College/Career. Membership includes representatives from K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, non-profits and business. The group meets on a quarterly basis.

The Early Childhood committee is focused on facilitating the transition from Pre-K programs, both those in public schools and private enterprises, to Kindergarten.

The Middle to High School committee is focused on the transition from the final year of junior high/middle school to the first year of high school, with special emphasis on mentoring.

The High School to College/Career committe concentrates on curriculum alignment between these institutions, with a particular emphasis on Mathematics.

Projects include:

  • Improving math transition from middle school to high school with a goal of increasing the number of high school students College Algebra and Calculus ready
  • Increase the number of high school graduates who participate in higher education within one year of graduation
  • Supporting a summit for Pre-K educators.
  • Offering online math programs and mentors for Algebra II students.
  • Surveying college freshman on success criteria and providing college student speakers to high schools.
  • Providing mentors for 8th/9th grade students.
  • College awareness for 8th graders.
  • Leadership summit for higher education and public education.

The West Houston P-16 Council is truly reaching beyond the classroom and bringing educational possibilities to so many students in the area.