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  • High School to College Committee Meeting

    The High School to College Committee met on July 10 with twelve attendees. The discussion involved a need to look at data regarding:
    1) Tracking high school to military enlistment,
    2) Alief ISD (a partner ISD) students who enroll in college one year after the high school graduation,
    3) National Clearing House data dis-aggregated by ethnicity, gender, economic disadvantage, Limited English Proficiency, school and persistence.

    In light of Spring Branch ISD (a partner ISD) goal of doubling their college enrollment rate in five years, a need for the follow up discussion regarding:
    1) Early college high school programs,
    2) High school students earning dual credit at area community colleges including Houston Community College (a partner).

    In a second gathering at the Houston PREP program at the University of Houston-Downtown, the West P-16 consultant shared the Council website and GenTX website with approximately two hundred middle school and high students on July 24. Later that afternoon, the students signed in at the GenTX website in small groups.

  • Parents for Public Schools, Inc. (PPS) initiated it's Call To Action project to encourage support for public schools across the nation. Speak Up for Public Schools is a program focused on showcasing positive aspects of public education and best practices toward reaching a goal of high quality education for all students.
    Parents for Public Schools, Inc. is offering an opportunity for all members of Parents for Public Schools of Houston to attend our National Leadership Conference registration free. Funds received through PPSH membership remain in Houston to support local public school initiatives. Conference registration closes soon. To join complete our online membership form or email us at to request a membership form.

  • "Every year, I love to dig into the latest issue of The Chronicle of High Education's almanac. While I cover the higher-ed world, some of the statistics that I find in the issue stun me each year. For instance, I certainly didn't know this: 9.4 percent of all college students attend community college in California." Continue Reading

  • Every year, nearly four million students find out they've been admitted to a postsecondary school. Once they know this, they're full of questions - chiefly "Will I fit in here?" combined with "Is this a place where I can be successful?" They're also anxious to get on solid footing as they start school - and a big anxiety is "Who can I talk about this with?" and "Who are my friends going to be?" Continue Reading

  • Recent high school graduates agree that college is important. According to a survey of 2010 high school graduates released by the College Board today, 90 percent said that their high school diploma was not enough to compete in today's society. Continue Reading