Pitzer, Atherton & Sanborn Halls

The P.A.S. Community – The First-Year Experience

  • The RAs facilitate community building in the residence hall though program planning. The also perform nightly security checks throughout the buildings.
  • One Faculty-in-Residence (FIRs) lives in an apartment in P.A.S. This faculty member is active in the Pitzer community and often hosts programs for residents in their apartment.
  • One Residence Director (RD) also lives in an apartment in P.A.S. The RD oversees the RAs in the building, hears judicial cases, plans building-wide program, and helps the whole residence hall community function smoothly.

一道本不卡免费高清There are also a limited number of single rooms in P.A.S. for upperclass students. The upperclass students who live in P.A.S. serve as a great resource to the community and help connect the first-year community to the other students at Pitzer.

PAS Drafting Schematic 8.5.15

P.A.S. Resources

  • Study Rooms – P.A.S. has over ten study rooms located throughout the complex. These rooms provide private, quiet study space where individuals or groups can work on classwork. Two study rooms provide access to a printer and computer that is available to the community to use.
  • Living Rooms – P.A.S. has three living rooms which serve as social gathering places with such as comfortable seating, TVs, DVD players and community events calendars.

Living room in East Sanborn

  • Community Kitchen – The kitchen has a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, dishwasher, sink and a small dining area.  Some cooking supplies for the kitchen are available at the Residence Life Office


  • The Residence Life Office – Located in the corner between North Sanborn and East Sanborn Hall, the Residence Life Office is where students can go if they have questions about room draw or housing in general. Students can also get toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and check out vacuums, brooms, etc.
  • Jumpstart
  • – located in East Sanborn Hall, C225.
  • Founding Faculty Amphitheater – Dedicated to Pitzer’s founding faculty, the amphitheater is located between P.A.S. and West and East Halls. It’s a great space to hold outdoor events.

How to Get Involved in the P.A.S. Community

  • – Student representatives help make decisions for the P.A.S. community, put on programs, and purchase equipment and supplies that students need in the residence hall.